About Us

About Us

We convert your idea into a reality

-Shashank Udyawar / Founder

At FileRabbit, we understand the urge and need to go digital keeping the monetary factor in mind. Our team works round the clock to help you deliver the best services and personalized counseling all under one roof.
We’ve curated all technical support and resources you’ll need for your startup, emerging ideas, or existing company.
We are only a call away to answer all your questions. Let us work together to make your Idea Reality.

Quick Service

Customer service speed is essential for FileRabbit, however, it shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the service delivered. We provide you with high customer service speed. Time is money, and we want you to have the best experience with us.


Our strong suit is affordability. We only select the best options that are affordable to you, while ensuring the right and necessary services are provided. So when it comes to affordability, you can put your confidence in FileRabbit.


FileRabbit inevitably receives and handles personal and private information about customers, partners, and businesses. We're striving to ensure this information is well protected.

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